How to Improve IELTS Score of Reading?

How to Improve IELTS Score of Reading?

How to improve IELTS score of reading? One thing that makes you get pressure in doing the reading section is the limited time given. Usually, each reading contains 13 questions and there are 3 sections. Well, below are the tips for doing the reading section;

Scanning and Skimming

In doing the reading section, you have to use the technique of scanning and skimming. You have to know that there will be unfamiliar vocabularies and this case will make you feel difficult to use those two techniques. to solve it, You must have reading homework each day minimally 1 reading. This way will make you easy and get used to doing it. You can read the news or English novel with British writing. Choose news or novel which have a great choice of words.

Try To Learn With Quality

What does learning with quality mean? As we know that practice is exactly very important. But, it does not mean that you only practice and do not notice your mistake in learning. Try to notice it and fix. For example, when you get difficulty in reading a section of false true, you try to fix it by learning the tips.

Prepare and Learn About Theory of Reading IELTS

You can prepare and learn the theoretical material. There are many theoretical materials that you can use. The main point is that you have to look for material which material and tips in detail. The book will surely train you little by little. Remember, you have to be patient when learning the book and you also should read all the materials.

Write Your Answer Immediately

Reading and listening are different. If listening gives time to write an answer for 10 minutes, reading will not give a time allocation. So, when you have read and completed some questions, directly write your answer.

Well, do you have other ideas on how to improve IELTS score of reading?

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